Cigar Lounge

The  Cigar  Lounge  in  a  colonial  style  is  an  exclusive  place  for  good  conversations  among  lovers of  fine  tobacco  products  of  different  provenance. A  fireplace,  antique  ceiling  fans  and  small  olive trees  ensure  an  appropriate  atmosphere. A  vintage-styled  phone  will  transfer  your  call  directly  to the  bar  to  order  your  drinks.  Sit  down  and  enjoy  fine  cigars,  tobacco  products  and  spirits,  such as  Ron  Zapaca  maturated  in  oak  barrels  for  23  years,  in  a  relaxing  atmosphere.  An  electric  air freshener constantly provides the necessary breeze of fresh air.

Location: Next to the lobby
Size: approx. 30 sqm
Style: The perfect ambiance to enjoy a cigar from our humidor together with accompanying whiskeys. A flat-screen TV set is available for additional entertainment.
Seating: Highly comfortable and large couch armchairs in 3 groups, perfect for up to nine people
Opening hours: Daily from 9.00 am to 1.00 am