Sunday brunch

Start your perfect Sunday with a long and sumptuous family brunch from 11:30 am to 3 pm. You will find everything you need for a delicious time together: from crispy croissants, homemade jam, fresh fruit to lunch dishes including juicy pork fillet with Swabian noodles, monk fish in crispy bacon and a lot more! Take your time! Every occasion we have differently themed buffets. 
While adults enjoy a sumptuous Sunday brunch, our KidsClub caters to 3 -12 year olds with fun and games for free. Our caring staff will supervise groups or six or more children in a conference room, where exciting and varied programs await them: the children can choose from a myriad of activities, from wondrous theater plays to physical games.*
For detailed information about the brunch buffet, do not hesitate to contact us.

Prices per person

Inclusive of a welcome drink and juices, tea, coffee specialties

Brunch (regular)
(7 to 12 years)
(under the age of 7)

€‎34.00 from January 1st, 2024: €‎35.00
€‎17.00 from January 1st, 2024: €‎ 17.50
Free of charge

Brunch on holidays 
(7 to 12 years)
(under the age of 7)

€‎39.00 from January 1st, 2024: 
€‎19.50 from January 1st, 2024: €‎20.50

Free of charge

Brunch Dates

           Brunch dates 2024
            02.25. 2024 
            Holiday brunch and advent Sundays
            03.12.2023      First Sunday of Advent*
            10.12.2023      Second Sunday of Advent*
            17.12.2023      Third Sunday of Advent*
            25.12.2023      Christmas Day – sold out!** 
            26.12.2023      Boxing Day – sold out!**
            03.31. 2024      Easter
            04.01. 2024      Easter
                 * New card due to supply difficulties. 
              ** Don`t hesitate to contact us, to get you on our waiting list.

*For legal reasons, we cannot assume any liability for the children, but you can be sure that our care team and all employees at the Holiday Inn Stuttgart will keep a particularly watchful eye on your loved ones!